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Alleged drunk driver causes crash that kills 3, injures 1

Many North Carolina fatal car accidents are linked to alcohol consumption. This raises concern, especially because it is not uncommon for a drunk driver to be under the age of 21. Three lives were lost in a recent fatal accident on Interstate 85 in Orange County.

Accident investigators reported that a 20-year-old university student entered Interstate 85 in the wrong direction after purchasing and consuming alcohol on a recent Sunday. The North Carolina Highway Patrol's accident report indicates that the young man was northbound in the southbound lanes of the interstate when he smashed into a vehicle with four occupants. A 49-year-old woman and her two children were traveling with a 46-year-old friend who was driving the car.

Motorcycle unawareness: Semi crashes into group of motorcyclists

When a group of North Carolina motorcyclists went for an early morning ride on a recent Friday, none of them anticipated the tragedy that was to follow. Shortly after 6 a.m., one of the bikers would be dead and the rest injured. It was not clear whether this was a just another case of motorcycle unawareness or negligence of the vehicle operator. An accident investigation is underway to determine the circumstances of the fatal accident that occurred that morning.

According to a crash report of the North Carolina Highway Patrol, the fatal accident occurred on Interstate 85. The group of six bikers reportedly pulled off the interstate when a big rig veered off the road and smashed into them. One motorcyclist lost his life, and the other five were all injured.

Alleged drag racing auto accident claims 4 lives, injures 3

Four lives were lost, and three more people suffered injuries in a horrific North Carolina accident that is believed to be the result of a drag racing incident. A 37-year-old driver is being held in jail . Bail was initially set at a $1 million bond. North Carolina State Highway Patrol says the auto accident occurred at 10:39 p.m. on a recent Sunday in Johnston County.

Reports indicate that two westbound vehicles were racing along a Middlesex roadway, with one car in the westbound lane, and another vehicle alongside it in the eastbound lane. The driver in the westbound lane apparently lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a group of race spectators that were on the westbound shoulder. The vehicle came to halt after it crashed into a tree. The as yet unknown driver of the second vehicle reportedly fled the accident scene.

Commercial vehicle accident: Driver survives rear-end crash

People who are involved in rear-end accidents often do not realize that they may have suffered injuries that could affect them in the long term. The whiplash effect caused by the impact of a vehicle striking the rear of another can cause soft tissue damage that may not be immediately evident. The personal injury can be even more severe when it is a commercial vehicle accident. Such an accident recently occurred on Interstate 40 in North Carolina.

An 81-year-old man was reportedly traveling west on I-40 in a pickup truck when he came upon slow-moving traffic, forcing him to stop. Troopers report that a 47-year-old big rig driver allegedly failed to keep a lookout and struck one vehicle before rear-ending the pickup truck. The commercial truck driver was reportedly accompanied by his girlfriend and two dogs.

Texting and driving kills driver's father in fatal car crash

While it is a known fact that texting while driving is extremely dangerous, drivers nationwide, including in North Carolina, continue to be distracted by mobile devices while they are behind the wheel. Thousands of innocent people have suffered life-changing injuries, and countless deaths have been caused by drivers whose attention was distracted by such devices for only seconds. A 61-year-old man recently lost his life in such a car crash.

The N.C. Highway Patrol reported that a 35-year-old woman, with her father as a passenger, was northbound on a Caldwell County road when she allegedly typed an address into her mobile device's map application. Due to the distraction, she reportedly veered across the center line. Her car struck two other vehicles that were traveling in the southbound lanes.

Crosswalk upgrades may lower pedestrian accident numbers

Pedestrians in some North Carolina cities are concerned about their safety. There is, however, good news for pedestrians in Greenville, which is one of the cities in which the annual number of auto-pedestrian accidents have raised concern. The city has been allocated some funds, and in collaboration with the North Carolina Department of Transportation, work on 15 intersections will commence and crosswalk accident numbers may be reduced.

It is reported that many Greenville residents do not have cars and have to walk wherever they want to go. Residents have indicated that they feel threatened when they walk in the city. One resident said that although there are crosswalks at the intersections, most drivers fail to yield. This makes crossing the streets extremely dangerous.

Bicycle accident: North Carolina teenage cyclist struck by car

Many bicycle riders in North Carolina may feel threatened when sharing the roads with automobiles despite the fact that bicycle riders have the same rights as vehicle operators. It is not uncommon for a bicyclist to be regarded as a nuisance on the road, and some vehicle drivers even disregard the safety of cyclists. A bicycle accident can happen in a split second and often results in severe injuries or worse.

Clayton police recently reported an accident that involved a vehicle and a bicycle. The accident report states that a 13-year-old boy was southbound in the northbound lane of a Clayton street on his bicycle. The driver of a northbound vehicle apparently swerved to avoid striking the cyclist, but failed and collided with the bicycle rider.

Alleged drunk driver's friend dies in fatal auto accident

At about 3 a.m. on a recent Friday morning, a 21-year-old man lost his life in an accident in North Carolina. It was reported that he was one of two passengers in a car that was driven by their 20-year-old friend. According to police, the auto accident was allegedly caused by the drunk driver of the vehicle.

Officials reported that the driver entered a curve on a road in Raleigh when he failed to maintain control of the car. After leaving the road, he smashed into some trees and a wall before coming to a halt among trees. The owners of the property on which the car landed said one of the passengers of the vehicle pounded on their door, asking for their help. They reportedly accompanied him to the crash site where they found the other passenger trapped in the back of the car, and the driver was trying to free him.

Unborn child's fatal injuries allegedly caused by reckless driver

A North Carolina family is likely heartbroken after a horrific accident that occurred in Hampstead on a recent Saturday. A mother who was 38 weeks pregnant was reportedly traveling on a local roadway with her 2-year-old toddler when their car was rear-ended by an alleged reckless driver in a box truck. The toddler was killed on impact, and the mother was rushed to a local hospital.

Due to the trauma of the accident, an emergency cesarean section had to be performed on the pregnant mother. Tragically, the newborn baby survived for only two days before succumbing to his accident injuries. The initial charges filed against the driver of the box truck reportedly included a misdemeanor charge for causing a death by vehicle, along with a charge of failure to reduce speed. However, after the death of the baby, additional charges were apparently filed to include another death by vehicle charge.

SUV driver faces charges after fiery wrong-way car crash

Speeding has been named as the cause of many devastating accidents on country roads in North Carolina. Three people narrowly escaped death in a horrific accident on a recent Sunday afternoon. The Highway Patrol reported that the car crash occurred on a country road in Chatham County.

The accident report states that a driver and his wife, ages 67 and 63 respectively, were trapped in their car after an SUV smashed head-on into their sedan. Officers allege that the SUV driver traveled on the wrong side of the road before the collision. A witness claims that speeding contributed to this accident.