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SUV driver faces charges after fiery wrong-way car crash

Speeding has been named as the cause of many devastating accidents on country roads in North Carolina. Three people narrowly escaped death in a horrific accident on a recent Sunday afternoon. The Highway Patrol reported that the car crash occurred on a country road in Chatham County.

The accident report states that a driver and his wife, ages 67 and 63 respectively, were trapped in their car after an SUV smashed head-on into their sedan. Officers allege that the SUV driver traveled on the wrong side of the road before the collision. A witness claims that speeding contributed to this accident.

Campaign designed to enforce commercial vehicle safety

There is no question that it is important that vehicles of all types operate safely and follow the rules of the road. Commercial vehicles are included in this. In an effort to enforce that where commercial vehicles are concerned North Carolina Troopers recently conducted what they called an “enforcement blitz.” This is one of multiple types of stops that law enforcement officers might make.

The campaign took place at a rest area. After receiving permission to use the site law enforcement officers directed all commercial vehicles to make the stop. When all was said and done, 28 commercial vehicles were inspected.

In observance of bicycle safety month review safety measures

Did you know that May is bicycle safety month? After a long winter during which most people pack their bicycles away it is a good idea to review safety measures that bicyclists should take before they get on the bike for the first time this season. In observance of bicycle safety month, AAA New Jersey Automobile Club has offered some reminders.

Before even getting on your bike you should make sure it is in good condition. The chain, brakes and tires should be checked. If there are issues with any part of the bike it is possible that they could contribute to a bike accident occurring.

Lawsuit filed in North Carolina truck and train accident

For some residents of the state of North Carolina the train and truck accident that occurred this past March is likely still fresh. The incident left 55 people hurt after the train derailed.

The reason for the derailment was that an oversized truck became stuck at a railway crossing. According to witnesses, the driver of the truck—which was transporting electrical equipment—spent up to 20 minutes moving back and forth in the crossing and messing with the load before the train began to approach. As is often the case at railroad crossings, as a part of the warning that the train was coming, arms came down to block traffic. The truck driver escaped injury in the incident.

Could sobriety tests in cars prevent drunk driving accidents?

There are multiple reasons why car accidents occur. One of those reasons is drunk driving. As a result, throughout the nation there is a nearly constant focus on reducing the number of drunk drivers who get behind the wheel of cars to drive. According to a study recently published in the American Journal of Public Health, one approach that might be successful is installing sobriety-screen systems in all new vehicles.

Are you facing a traffic violation? Our law firm can help

Receiving a traffic citation can seem fairly innocuous but, in certain situations, one may incur a hidden cost that is not easily foreseeable. If a traffic violation causes an individual to lose their driving privileges because their driver's license got suspended, the repercussions could be financially disastrous. The legal team at Wood & Rabil, LLP understands the adverse ramifications of a traffic violation. We have the necessary experience to help those facing a traffic violation.

Many people may be under the wrong assumption that paying a traffic violation's fine will resolve the issue. But, our attorney will agree that paying the fine is analogous to pleading guilty. Additionally, receiving a moving violation may cause the driver to get points added onto their driver's license, and missing a court date for a moving violation may cause the driver to have their license suspended and thus lose their license and their driving privileges altogether. This, in turn, could lead to a job loss indirectly if the driver can't get to their job or directly if their job requires that they have a valid driver's license.

Sleep apnea increases the risk of car accidents

A new study found that not getting enough sleep can lead to the dangerous effects as drunk driving. The study found that individuals with obstructive sleep apnea had a higher risk of getting in a car accident compared to individuals without the condition. 

Individuals who suffer from sleep apnea are at risk for getting into a car accident due to feeling sleepy during the daytime. The researchers said that daytime sleepiness is a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea. Daytime sleepiness is a serious issue for drivers, making them potentially dangerous on the road.

Distracted driving can result in violation of North Carolina law

North Carolina residents may have heard or read that a recent study determined that distracted driving, particularly by teen drivers, resulted in more car accidents and injuries than previously thought. In fact, according to a spokesperson of AAA Carolinas this most recent survey found that car accidents caused by distracted teens were four times more frequent than what they were originally thought to be.

Though many teenagers do not think of the consequences of their actions until it is too late, our North Carolina readers should know that, given the increase in car accidents due to distracted driving, nearly 40 states, including North Carolina, have enacted laws which prohibit texting while driving. Presently, a North Carolina state senator has proposed a bill to make it illegal for all drivers in North Carolina to even have or hold some kind of mobile device when driving a car.

I was charged with a crime, what are my rights?

Being charged with a crime can be one of the most stressful events that you can go through and knowing your rights can make all the difference. Regardless of whether you are being charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, your legal rights are the same.

Arguably, one of the most important and well-known rights is the right to remain silent. Those individuals who have been charged with a crime do not have to answer any questions posed to them about the case or charges. If, however, one decides to waive that right, anything that one says will be on the record and can and most probably will be used against him or her.

Teenage distracted driving extends beyond text messaging

North Carolina motorists may attribute some teen driving behaviors to inexperience, but efforts to deal with driving distractions are important because of the significant surge in recent years of cellphone use. Text messaging is considered to be one of the riskiest behaviors, but educational initiatives are making strides to point out the dangers of this type of activity. Similar action could be important for addressing further distracting behaviors used by teen drivers.

In a recent study, a significant percentage of the teenagers who were surveyed admitted to doing certain things that may turn their attention from the road while behind the wheel. Some said that they work on homework while driving. Others admitted to putting on makeup or changing contact lenses, while 27 percent reported that they sometimes change clothes or shoes while they are driving. These multitasking behaviors are dangerous and pose the risk of causing car accidents. However, the focus on cellphone use and text messaging may fail to emphasize the importance of careful attention needed for safe driving in other situations.