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At the law firm of Wood & Rabil, LLP, we believe in providing real help to people in need. If you are facing criminal charges, you cannot take them lightly no matter how minor you may believe the charges are. Every conviction has consequences that are obvious as well as those that may be hard to see. Let us help you understand what you are facing and protect your rights.

Our firm delivers exceptional criminal defense representation to those facing such charges or issues as:
Person in Handcuffs on Court — Criminal Law in Winston-Salem, NC
  • DWI/DUI – Drunk driving charges always need to be fought. The long-term costs of not fighting are very high and often hidden.
  • Traffic violations – Traffic tickets can cause higher insurance rates for years to come as well as adding points that could result in a suspension of driving privileges. Fighting a traffic ticket now can save you money and headaches down the road.
  • Driving on a suspended or revoked driver's license – It can be difficult to live without driving privileges. Maybe you were unaware that your driver's license was suspended. No matter how you came to be charged, we can help you fight this serious charge.
  • Underage drinking – This can seem like a minor charge, but there is no reason to leave your child's rights undefended in a court that may not be favorable to him or her.
  • Marijuana possession – Drug charges can have a disproportionate impact on the future of a young person. Apart from having a criminal record, a marijuana conviction can impact financial aid and other issues.
  • Alcohol-related charges for college students – College is a time for beginning to build your future. Alcohol-related charges can derail a young person's efforts. We can help protect your child's rights.
  • Shoplifting – Shoplifting charges can be embarrassing. But, they can be more, too. In today's world of records becoming more available through the Internet, employers and anyone else can run a background check that may bring a shoplifting conviction to light.
  • Traffic ticket defense for out-of-state drivers – If you hold a driver's license from another state and receive a traffic ticket in North Carolina, you might think your only option is to pay the ticket. That is not true. We can help you fight your ticket.


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When you find yourself facing criminal charges, even those as minor as traffic violations, you should have an advocate defending your rights. Take the time to speak with a skilled attorney who can help you secure the best possible resolution to your case. Turn to the skilled and experienced Winston-Salem criminal law attorneys of Wood & Rabil, LLP. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our Winston-Salem lawyers, call 336-722-5700 or contact us online.