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DWI/DUI Attorneys in Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem DWI Lawyers

Being stopped for driving while intoxicated (DWI) can ruin a vacation or a business trip whether you are from out of state or if North Carolina is where you work or live. At Wood & Rabil, LLP, we may not be able to keep you from being stopped for drunk driving, but we can probably help minimize the consequences. If you have a citation for DWI or any other kind of traffic violation, call us before you do anything: 336-722-5700.

Underage DWI

In North Carolina, the law is very strict for those stopped for DWI if they are before 21 years of age. If you are a teenager charged with drunk driving, or if you are the parent of a teen stopped for driving after consuming before age 21, call our office and discuss the matter with an experienced lawyer before you do anything else.

Other Traffic Violations

Points for speeding tickets and other moving violations can add up fast, quickly affecting your right to drive in North Carolina, especially if you are a minor. Having legal counsel for traffic violations can mean the difference between affordable insurance rates and high-risk insurance rates that limit your options. If you have been cited for speeding or other moving violations, contact us to talk about how we may be able to help. Our attorneys may be able to negotiate a plea to amend the charge to a non-moving violation or get it dismissed altogether.