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North Carolina real estate law can become complicated when you consider all the important ramifications of making a mistake in mortgage or closing documents, the drafting of deeds and ensuring that a title is clear. Trust your residential and commercial real estate transactions to a firm that has been practicing real estate law in the Winston-Salem region for over 40 years, Wood & Rabil, LLP.


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Residential House — Real Estate Law in Wood & Rabil, LLP in Winston-Salem, NC
  • Residential: Whether you just need help with closing on your new home or you have questions about title insurance, our firm is glad to be of assistance. Our attorneys know the new regulations.
  • Commercial: We also assist with closings on commercial property purchases and sales. We represent builders and land developers with legal issues that could block their commercial development without skilled legal assistance.
  • Mortgaging/financing: Our attorneys often help both residential and commercial real estate purchasers arrange for financing or review their financing documents to ensure against poor drafting that could cause legal trouble in the future.
  • Land use: Legal matters relating to land use, including eminent domain and land condemnation, can involve such complex real estate and constitutional law issues as due process and taking without just compensation. At Wood & Rabil, LLP, we have assisted many construction and real estate development companies meet all governmental standards with as little obstruction to their business plans as possible.

Purchase Offers – Deeds – Real Estate Transfer Documents

If you need help with documents relating to the sale or purchase of real estate in North Carolina, contact our firm for skilled legal assistance.