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Sometimes, motor vehicle collisions occur without anyone committing a traffic violation. However, if officers believe there is evidence that you broke the law, you will be issued a ticket. This doesn’t necessarily mean you are at fault for the accident, though it may be used as evidence against you in an insurance claim or lawsuit. If you have received a ticket for allegedly causing an accident, contact B. Jeffrey Wood, Attorney at Law in Winston-Salem, NC before you do anything. Our accident lawyers have the knowledge and experience to assess your case and determine the best course of action. We may be able to have your charges dismissed so that you can avoid court fees, a fine, and increased insurance premiums.

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There are some cases when it may be better for you to simply pay the ticket. However, if pleading guilty to the violation will make it look like you were mostly responsible for the accident that occurred, you should consider fighting the ticket. A traffic ticket lawyer at our firm can evaluate your case to determine if your ticket is worth fighting.

Receiving a ticket following an accident does not necessarily indicate that you were at fault. It’s possible that while you broke the law, the other driver’s actions actually contributed to the accident more than your own. It’s important to know that receiving a ticket after a crash does not prevent you from seeking compensation from insurance or through a lawsuit.
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