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In North Carolina, a DWI (driving while intoxicated) charge is a significant legal matter, even for first-time offenders. The state enforces strict consequences, reflecting the seriousness with which it treats such offenses. If you’re facing a first-time DWI charge, it’s essential to have skilled legal representation. B. Jeffrey Wood, Attorney at Law, based in Winston-Salem, NC, offers experienced DWI defense. Our attorneys, with over 80 years of combined experience, are committed to protecting your rights and future, providing thorough representation both in negotiations and at trial.

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First-Time DWI Laws and Penalties 

Understanding North Carolina’s DWI laws is crucial, particularly the stringent penalties for first-time offenders. A charge can arise from operating a vehicle under the influence of impairing substances, with alcohol, illicit drugs, or even prescription medications being scrutinized. A Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of 0.08% or higher is grounds for a DWI charge.


An immediate consequence is the administrative license suspension for 30 days if your BAC exceeds the legal limit or if you refuse a chemical test. There’s a chance to challenge this in a hearing, but failing to do so, or losing the case, leads to a one-year revocation. Legally, a first-time DWI often results in a Level V classification, the least severe, but still with serious repercussions, including a potential 24-hour to 120-day sentence, which may be served as jail time or community service, and fines up to $200. Offenders are generally subject to probation, a mandatory substance abuse assessment, and a one-year license revocation.

As for criminal penalties, a first-time offender can usually expect to receive a Level V DWI, which is the least serious, unless there are aggravating factors present without mitigating factors to outweigh them. The minimum sentence is 24 hours in jail or 24 hours community service, with a maximum sentence of 120 days. First-time offenders typically receive a fine up to $200, some amount of probation, and a requirement to complete a substance abuse assessment. A conviction will also result in 1-year license revocation.

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