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You may need legal representation under many different circumstances. Perhaps you need a professional who can help you create a will. Or, maybe you need a criminal defense lawyer who can help defend your rights. Perhaps you need a lawyer who can represent you in a personal injury case. Regardless of the legal need, Wood & Rabil, LLP Attorneys at Law can assist you. We have over 80 years of combined experience serving Lexington, NC and the surrounding areas, and are committed to providing reliable service. Call now to speak to a criminal defense attorney and learn more.

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Being convicted of a crime comes with life-long consequences. You will likely struggle to find a job, may have trouble getting certain licenses and certifications, and will always have the stigma of a criminal conviction. In addition, you’ll likely have large fines to pay, not to mention jail time. If you are facing charges, then contact a criminal defense attorney to defend your case. Wood & Rabil, LLP are compassionate and reliable professionals who can help with traffic charges, drug possession, shoplifting, and other criminal cases. We will fight aggressively on your behalf to make sure you get the reliable representation you deserve.

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