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While a traffic ticket may not seem like a big deal, there are hidden consequences that can cost you severely. Getting a citation can cause your insurance premiums to increase drastically. Getting multiple points on your driving record within a short time could even result in license suspension, which could be a major issue if you drive yourself to work every day. At B. Jeffrey Wood, Attorney at Law, we help clients fight traffic citations and avoid these financially straining penalties. Don’t just accept the consequences and pay the fine; get in touch with an experienced speeding ticket lawyer at our firm in Winston-Salem, NC.

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Traffic Citations Can Cost You a Lot More than the Fine; Fight Your Ticket with an Experienced Traffic Violation Attorney

While there’s no guarantee that a traffic lawyer can get your charges cleared, you will have a greater chance of keeping a conviction off your driving record if you have professional legal representation. Our attorneys know traffic laws and the most effective strategies for fighting citations.


Our speeding ticket lawyers may be able to help you by advocating for a mitigation option such as the opportunity to attend driving school in order to keep a charge off your driving record. We may also be able to contest your ticket and have your charge reduced or dismissed by creating reasonable doubt.

While most speeding tickets are civil infractions, you can be charged with a Class C misdemeanor for driving more than 15 mph above the speed limit, or for driving over 80 mph anywhere in North Carolina. This charge will require you to appear in court.

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