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When a loved one dies, family members are often overwhelmed with having to settle the estate while they are grieving. Our probate lawyers work with executors and beneficiaries to carry out the time-consuming and complex tasks associated with the probate court process. This involves gathering all property in the estate, dealing with taxes and debts, having property appraised, and ensuring that assets are transferred to beneficiaries according to the decedent’s last will and testament (if they left one). B. Jeffrey Wood, Attorney at Law assists clients with probate in the Winston-Salem, NC area.

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Probate is a complicated process and mistakes can be costly. If you want to make probate as simple and convenient as possible, contact B. Jeffrey Wood, Attorney at Law. Our probate attorneys can assist you with a wide variety of tasks, including:

  • Help to identify all assets in the estate  
  • Obtaining appraisals for real property 
  • Helping with taxes and other debts  
  • Preparing and filing documents with the probate court 
  • Transferring assets from the decedent to the appropriate beneficiaries 
  • Resolving disputes between beneficiaries  
  • Represent beneficiaries in probate litigation if disputes cannot be resolved outside of court 

The probate process differs depending on whether or not a valid will is present. If the decedent did not leave behind a will, assets are distributed according to state law and family members can file claims if they feel they aren’t getting what they are entitled to. If there is a will, whoever is named the executor is responsible for making sure the wishes stated in the will are upheld. In some cases, people can help their loved ones avoid going through probate by placing assets in a trust.

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