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Have you been charged for underage drinking or theft? Get in touch with a criminal defense attorney! A criminal defense lawyer can help you protect your rights and reduce the charges. Our experienced law firm near Yadkinville, NC, is here to help you avoid life-long consequences. Get in touch with the office today and learn more about how our lawyer can assist you. 

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  • Personal Injury: Have you been in a car accident? Seek compensation for losses!
  • Traffic Violations: Work with a criminal defense attorney to minimize repercussions.
  • Business Law: Get help drafting and reviewing business contracts.
  • Real Estate Law: A trusted lawyer can ensure your real estate transaction goes smoothly.
  • Estate Planning: Plan for the future by drafting your will and trusts with a lawyer. 
  • Criminal Defense: A criminal defense lawyer can help you with shoplifting charges, drug possession charges, and more. 

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